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Damian McGillicuddy - Huvuddomare & Föredrag


Damien has 30 years experience as a professional photographer. He has has an extraordinary compettion career with over 700 awards and has held the titel, UK photographer of the year 12 times.
​Damien is an Olympus Principle and European visionary and an Elinchrom ambassador. He is the holder of 10 Fellowships and The Societies Chair of Qualifications.
Damien runs his studio togteher with hsi wife and spends one third of his time mentoring photographers in his CPD (continuous development program) helping his students build their business around their individual goals and lifestyle ambitions.Damiens seminar: Considered not complex makes quality light right​

Whether its one light or one hundred lights it matters not, whether you prefer to use augmented natural light, speedlights or full blown pro lighting, it matters not.

Good lighting is always considered and never complex.  Damian’s “lego brick” approach to lighting has been the key to his success and the success of his mentees for decades.

Building lighting set ups “block by block” makes mastering light simple. Come and share a little time with the Multi barred Grand Master, listen to the philosophy and see how simply and effectively it works in practice.

Being able to manipulate the very raw material we create with is key to elevating both your photography and your business.  Many photographers see lighting as a necessary evil, don’t be afraid, its time to bend light to your will and make yourself a master of the medium!

Jim Lowe - SM-domare & Föredrag


Jim has an extensive CV spanning 40 years as a professional photographer. He is a Senior lecturer at Falmouth University, holds a bachelors degree in photography and masters degree in teaching.


Jim is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and the British Institute of Professional Photography and holds the QEP certicifcation in Architectural Photography.


Jim is the the Chairman of FEP Qualifications for QEP and MQEP and also the Chairman of the FEP Emerging Talent award ( FETA) aimed at final year photographic students under 30. For the last 28 years, together with his wife Sue, Jim has run a successful studio, J&S Professional Photography .

Jim's seminar: Architectural Photography- Inside and Out.
Towns and cities are superb locations for photography. They pulse with life as people go about their business surrounded by a fusion of architectural styles offering countless opportunities to enthusiastic photographers. Professional Architectural Photographer Jim Lowe unveils the secrets of how to make great images of buildings, both inside and out. Drawing on more than over 40 years of experience , he uses jargon free language to explain how to make great images in a host of different situations.

Miriam Skeid  - SM-domare & Föredag


Photographer based at the northwestern coast of Norway. 

Miriam is 38 years old and a single mother of two. She changed her career path after being in the real estate business for 10 years, and took the leap into her her passion - photography, and has now been successfully running "Mitt lille studio AS" for 5 years. Her speciality is newborn and baby photography, all though she does all kinds of portrait photography. 

She has recieved numbers of awards for her images, in both national and international competitions, and has also achieved the qualification EP (European Photographer) from the Federetion of European Photographers."

Norwegian Photographer of the year NFF 2016.  ​

Stig Håvard Dirdal  - SM-domare & Föredag


Norwegian photographer Stig Håvard Dirdal is known for his artistic, playful and often unconventional approach, building his work around storytelling and a desire to stir a reaction. Since establishing his creative bureau dTurbine in 2006 he has specialised in theatre photography and advertising, seeing each project through from idea stage to art direction and graphic design.

​Stig Håvard has picked up several awards for both his photography and graphic design, Gullsnitt and Sterk reklame to name just a few.

Mikaela Holmberg  - SM-domare


Mikaela has been a professional photographer for 13 years, running her own business since 2008. She was awarded Portrait Photographer of the year 2011 ( In Finland). She won th e FEP Bronze Camera 2017 in the Illustration/Digital Art category.


Mikaela is a board member of the Finnish professional photographers association nad has been a judge at the national Portrait photographer of the year competition for the past 3 years. Mikaela has even been the head judge of the competition since 2015.

Rose-Marie Borgström  - SM-domare


Rose-Marie enjoys her life and runs her studio, in southern Sweden.
Born into a family where both parents were photographers within press and portrait, her choice of career was obvious. With almost 30 years’ in the photographing business, Rose-Marie is a very experienced photographer and has during her career, been honored with numerous awards. 

Rose-Marie’s activities is primarily as a children and family photographer, and she also holds a large passion for the monochrome image. 

Rose-Marie was earlier a member of the Swedish Portrait Photographers Association board for 4 years, of whom three years as chairman. She is also a former member of the board of SFF for 3 years.

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