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George Holz- The art of the portrait

Han är av många ansedd att vara världens bästa porträttfotograf och han har fotograferat alla! Han drar fulla hus till sina workshops på sin farm i Catskill Mountains norr om New York. Men nu behöver du inte åka så långt för att lära dig "The art of the portrait", för nu kommer han till Sverige!! 
Den 3-4:e april 2019 kan vi erbjuda dig en workshop i världsklass. En workshop man kanske bara går på en gång i livet! Workshopen kostar 7 000 kr inkl. moms. Mat och logi ingår inte i priset men kommer att finnas till rabatterat pris. Halva avgiften faktureras i samband med anmälan och andra halvan ska vara betald 30 dagar innan workshopen. Anmälan är bindande. Så gå in och anmäl dig direkt för att knipa en plats! Följ länken längst ner! Först till kvarn!

Här kommer en beskrivning av workshopen " The art of the portrait";

"This is a master class with photographer George Holz for advanced amateur and professional photographers.
 A deftness of light and form are why George Holz’s photographs are celebrated worldwide. Join us for a 2 day workshop and learn from this renowned photographer and teacher who has been photographing the portrait for over four decades. Drawing upon his vast experience in the fine art, fashion, portrait, and advertising worlds, Holz has a wealth of information to share with his students on his unique ability of balancing art and commerce. Students will see firsthand Holz’s thought and decision-making process, from the controlled studio environment to the unpredictability of shooting on location.
Holz will share his signature lighting techniques, as well as his colorful stories from photographing celebrities. 
This workshop will consist of intensive small-group and one-on-one instruction, shooting, and group critique. Topics will include working with light, directing, composition, and creating a unique personal style. 
This class will reignite your passion and imagination and help you go beyond the predictable to actually “make” images, not merely capture what’s in front of your camera."

Några av er kanske vet att han är upplärd av självaste Helmut Newton, men vem är George Holz och vad har han gjort?

George Holz was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (aka “the Secret City”), graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and assisted for Helmut Newton, whom he credits with guiding his career. As a fledgling photographer, he lived in Milan and Paris, where he shot beauty and fashion for major European magazines such as Italian Vogue and French Elle. Afterward, he moved to New York City, where he set up his famous studio on Lafayette Street, traveling frequently to Los Angeles and Europe to shoot fashion, advertising, and portraiture for major publications such as Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar. 
His fine-art nudes have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. The Grammy® award winning photographer recently published a monograph of his celebrity portraits, Holz Hollywood: 30 Years of Portraits, which is a virtual who’s who collection of major celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt, Beyoncé, and Madonna to name a few. 
Holz works as an adjunct professor and lectures internationally at museums and universities, mentoring young photographers and passing on his photographic aspirations to “always begin and end with light, ” to “do it all in-camera,” and to “bring modern photography back to the level of the artful burn and dodge of the past.”
Holz continues to travel extensively for his commercial work, fine-art shows, and lectures, and is currently working on several projects, including his upcoming book of nudes.  When not exploring remote locations and photographing his muses, George’s favorite pastimes include traveling the American backroads in his '58 Airstream and conversing with his chocolate lab, Ruby.


Ta chansen nu!

Med vänliga hälsningar,
Styrelsen i Svenska Porträttfotografers Förbund

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